ZBAD51 隔爆型防爆灯(ⅡB)/隔爆型防爆节能灯


适用范围 Application

1区,2区危险场所。                                                     Can be used in Zone 1and Zon 2 dangerous places.

ⅡA,ⅡB类爆炸性气体环境。                                     Can be used in IIA、IIB、 group explosive atmosphere.

可配装白炽灯、汞灯、高压钠灯、金卤灯。            Suitable for incandescent lamp,mercury vapor lamp,

注:可按用户要求配装灯伞。                                      high-pressure sodium vapor lamp,metal halide lamp.

型号含义 Model implication

产品特点 Features

铸铝合金外壳,表面喷塑                                                      Diecasted aluminium alloy shell with

压铸成型,结构紧凑,外形美观。                                           Pressure-casted formation,compact structure and aesthetic appearance.

采用碟型活节螺栓紧固,能快速向上开启,便于维修。                Suspension type thumb nut is used for fastening so that it can be quickly

钢管布线。                                                                                    opened up upward and is conventient for maintenance.

符合GB3836-2000.IEC60079标准要求.                               Suitable for steelpipe.

Suitable for BG3836-2000,IEC60079 standard request.

主要技术参数 Main technical parameters

防爆标志               防护等级               电缆外径(¢,mm)          进线口螺纹(G)       灯座代号               质量(kg)

Ex-mark             Protection           Cable's outside           Inlet's thread       Lamp socket         Mass

grade                  diameter                     3/4


Exd Ⅱ Bt4          Ip54                      10~14                       3/4                         E27                  3

配用光源 Supplied with lamps

光源类型             自镇汞灯                   白炽灯               高压汞灯                   高压钠灯                  金卤灯

Lamp type       Self-ballasted mercury       Incandesent lamp      Mercury vappr lamp       Hi-Presssure so-            Metal halide lamp

Vapor lamp                                                                                                  diumlamp



Rated voltage                                                   220V/50Hz


额定功率(W)          125                      200                     80                            110                   70

RATED power             160                                                125                                                    100